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Somon Bruschetta

A great practical snack for fish lovers, a wonderful flavor on crispy breakfast bread, accompanied by smoke salmon and cream cheese. Ingredients for Salmon Bruschetta Recipe 100 Gr smoke salmon 100 gr kream cheese material 3 slices of bread How to Make Salmon Bruschetta? Let’s fry the breads. Let’s spread it on cream cheeses. Let’s …


Salmon Meatballs

This recipe we give to children by enriching the OMEGA 3 content of salmon with vegetables makes even children who do not eat fish eat fish. Ingredients for Salmon Patties Recipe 700 g salmon 1 onion 1 capia pepper 5 sprigs of scallions 5 sprigs of parsley 3 cloves of garlic 3-4 tablespoons breadcrumbs Or …


Cilantro Sea Bass

We are here with the delicious coriander sea bass recipe that is very easy to prepare. This dish prepared with sea bass fillet, mint, coriander and olive oil will be the favorite of those who want a light and healthy diet. You can present the coriander perch on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve …