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Ovmaç Soup

Ovmaç soup is one of the soups identified with Bolu, even though it is made in many regions. Although it is confused with Oğmaç soup, the way it is made and its ingredients are actually quite different. This soup, served with spices, is often consumed in winter. It is recommended to be consumed once a …

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Dovga Soup

Dovga soup is one of the most popular soups of Azerbaijani cuisine. Yoghurt, rice, chickpeas and vegetables are used in its production. Generally, the season’s freshest vegetables such as chard, parsley and mint are used. It is indispensable, especially in the winter months. If the ingredients are ready, we can proceed to making Azerbaijani dovga …


Nesting Soup

If you are looking for a recipe that will warm you up during the winter months, let’s get you like this. Nesting soup with both yoghurt and meat has become synonymous with the Gaziantep region. This soup, which is frequently consumed especially in Southeastern Anatolia, is enriched with mint sauce. It is one of the …